Returns / Warranty / liability

1 Retention of title

1.1. The products delivered by dhsbc-eshop remain the property of dhsbc-eshop, has to dhsbc-eshop will receive the purchase price in full and the contract. dhsbc-eshop is authorized, by this time entered the retention of title in accordance with article 715 of the Civil Code in the title register at the respective place of residence of the customer. The customer agrees, at the request dhsbc-eshop immediately to give his written consent to the registration of a retention of title in all essential for the entry points (see Article 4, Section 4 of the Ordinance of the Federal Court).

1.2. As long as the purchase price is not paid in full, the customer is obliged to keep the goods supplied by dhsbc-eshop products in position to handle carefully and insure against all risks.

2 Return of products

2.1. The return of products is not possible. Only in exceptional cases and after consultation with dhsbc-eshop can be a return. A return of products by the customer requires the prior consent of dhsbc-eshop and is at the expense and risk of the customer. The return of the Products shall be made in original packaging and enclosing a detailed Fehler-/Mängelbeschreibung and an RMA approval. For purchasing products, opened software, sell-off or a return exhibition products is excluded.

2.2. dhsbc-eshop reserves the right to return products with missing, broken or marked original packaging and not more flawless products to the customer at his expense and risk.

2.3. With the return of goods which are not caused through the fault of dhsbc-eshop, the customer will be credited based on the lower price at a price reduction occurred in the meantime the value of goods. dhsbc-eshop also reserves to charge a handling fee.


3.1. The guarantee relates to an error-free functioning device for a period of 12 months starting from the delivery at dhsbc-eshop. The warranty is a carry-in warranty, that is, The customer is responsible for transportation to the service center and the return of the repaired unit to the customer.

3.2. The warranty includes free repair, replacement of the product or the replacement of parts of the device when experiencing defects due to faulty material or structural defects during said warranty period. We are in the case of a warranty obligation free to offer either replacement or repair. The customer is not entitled to a change or reduction. For repair orders after the warranty period, the customer shall bear the costs for labor and parts as well as all other costs, which are in connection with the repair order.

3.3.1. The warranties are guaranteed when the rules for warranty returns are observed.
3.3.2. To avoid any transport damage to the product, the defective product must be packaged properly and well protected.
3.3.3. The warranty on the unit will turn off if the serial number has been removed on the back of the computer or is no longer recognizable. Is also void the warranty if tampered with is detected or non type-approved and compliant extensions are installed.
3.4. The warranty services are not provided:
3.4.1 Any changes or modifications to the equipment that differ from the normal configuration.
3.4.2 During the installation of peripheral devices of other brands or suppliers.
3.4.3 In case of subsequent faulty software installation by the user.
3.4.4 In case of malfunctions caused by software applications
3.4.5 In case of malfunctions caused by viruses.
3.4.6 In case of malfunction Duch subsequent, incorrect installation of drivers.
3.4.7 In the case of unprotected electronic components such as modchips, circuit boards, electronic components and parts
3.4.8 Wear Parts, Body parts, batteries, lamps, laser, toner, ink cartridges have a limited warranty of 90 days
3.4.9 In case of damage caused by: power fluctuations Abuse how Incorrect handling of the product contrary to the normal use and instructions for proper handling and maintenance. Installation or use of the product contrary to the technical and safety standards. repairs by non-authorized service or people. accidents, lightning, water damage, fire damage, camber, excessive usage, inadequate ventilation or other cases beyond the control of the product manufacturer. In case of defective systems to which the computer is connected. In the event of hard disk failure, the original operating system is reinstalled during the repair, but it can be reloaded any more data. The user is at all times responsible for its own data, can dhsbc-eshop data loss never be prosecuted. In the case of damage caused to the customer due to natural wear, use-related wear, other environmental factors such as extreme dryness or humidity, temperature, light, weather, improper treatment, willful damage, misuse, transportation, and accident damage or overload / overload.

3.5. Such to provide a possible compensation for a replacement unit and the decision during the repair period, is a matter of discretion of dhsbc-eshop.

3.6. In case of defects for which there is no guarantee that the buyer bears the cost of troubleshooting or device testing. Costs can be offset by the manufacturer or dhsbc-eshop. (Postage, delivery and analysis costs)

3.7. The security of data is the customer's sole responsibility. dhsbc-eshop takes over for repair work or when replacing the unit no responsibility for any loss of data and programs. When inspecting the unit, the existing data can be viewed.

3.8. Responsibility for the selection, configuration, application and use of products and the results achieved lies with the customer or the customers of the products, ie the end customer. The customer acknowledges that dhsbc-eshop makes no entrance exams of the products supplied by manufacturers or suppliers.

3.9. Ensuring dhsbc-eshop for the products supplied by it shall be governed in all respects by the warranty of the manufacturer / supplier. The Customer waives any other warranty claims against dhsbc-eshop and the manufacturer / supplier. The only obligation of dhsbc-eshop is to cede any own warranty claims against the manufacturer / supplier to the customer.

3:10. The customer acknowledges that restricted because of the applicable warranty provisions guaranteeing usually by the manufacturer / supplier choice to repair or replacement of defective / faulty products and also only applies if the products in Switzerland or in the Principality Liechtenstein remain.

3:11. The manufacturer / supplier is not covered repair services as well as additional costs caused by the customer to the customer be billed.

3:12. In any case, the customer stops, as defined by dhsbc-eshop or by the manufacturer / supplier processes in the settlement of any possible warranty.

4 liability

4.1. dhsbc-eshop is liable only for direct damages and only if the customer proves that this was caused by gross negligence of dhsbc-eshop or third party service providers dhsbc-eshop. Liability is limited to the price of the particular delivery / service.

4.2. Any further liability of dhsbc-eshop, their assistants and the delegated of dhsbc-eshop third parties for damages of any kind is excluded. In particular, the customer has in no way claims to compensation for damages that are not caused to the product itself, such as production, loss of use or data, loss of orders, loss of profit and other indirect or consequential damages.

4.3. dhsbc-eshop committed to the customer any manufacturer / supplier cede recognized liability claims.

5. withdrawal right

5.1. Since the company is not in the EU, the right of withdrawal for "dhsbc-eshop" is not binding. 

5.2. "Dhsbc-eshop" offered to you on a voluntary basis a right of withdrawal.

5.3. Please read the details in sperate text (Conditions withdrawal)

-Jurisdiction is Hong Kong-